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Single Vendor

For single vendor Ecommerce Business

Price: Negotiable

Multi Vendor

For Growing multi vendor Ecommerce Business

Price: Negotiable

Multi Store

For Growing multi store Ecommerce Business

Price: Negotiable


What is an ecommerce site?

 Ecommerce site is a website where anyone can buy or sale goods through internet.

What is Single Vendor?

Single Vendor is our basic package for starting a new ecommerce business.

What is Multi Vendor?

 Multi Vendor is more advanced package than Single Vendor. We are offering this package who have already started their ecommerce business and want to expand this.

What is Multi Store?

Multi Store ecommerce allow you to operate and manage multiple stores under a single platform.

What are the main differences Single Vendor, Multi Vendor, and Multi Store?

The main difference among the Single Vendor, Multi Vendor, and Multi Store are in their features, modules and uses of technology.

I do not have any technical knowledge, how can I manage/maintain my ecommerce site?

Everexpert will provide you consultancy, service and support to maintain your ecommerce site.

Do I need to pay extra money for the domain name and hosting service or is it included in the packages?

Domain and hosting charge is excluded from the package price.

Do I need to pay any kind of extra money as monthly or yearly renewal fee?

Yearly renewal fee is applicable for domain and hosting.

I want to start a new ecommerce site, which solution should I choose?

Single Vendor Package is suitable for new ecommerce site.

I am already in a Ecommerce business, which solution is preferable for me?

Multi Store is suitable for expanding your business.

I want a feature that is not included in the feature list, what should I do?

Everexpert develops and provides on demands features for their clients. For on demand features contact with us.

What is an add-on module?

Everexpert is offering some extra feature for smooth management which is called add on feature.

Should we pay extra money for these modules?

Yes, Extra money is needed for add-on features

Is it necessary to purchase these modules?

Yes, Extra money is needed for add-on features.

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